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Meredith Hill Cares

Meredith Hill Cares is a partnership between families, the PTA, staff, and our community to support our Orca Scholars and their families. Meredith Hill Cares previously offered support throughout the school year to any families who needed a helping hand. Unfortunately, the need was so great that our ability to help was dwarfed by the number of families in need and the assistance totals became too small to qualify as truly impactful. For this reason, we have decided to offer assistance only twice this year -- during winter and spring breaks.

Our Orca families will have two opportunities -- Winter and Spring -- to formally request assistance with needs such as groceries, clothing, weekend meals, and any holiday gift (religious, cultural, birthday, etc). We also offer emergency relief assistance to families who may need it.

We have been fortunate in our ability to offer a helping hand through the generosity of our community, and we cannot do this without your continued support. If you would like to donate directly to this cause, which is kept separate from our general PTA funding, please do so here. 100% of donations made here will go to helping families in need.

If you have any questions, please contact our board by emailing us at

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