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All About Us

Who We Are

As Meredith Hill's Parent Teacher Association we believe in the importance of a connected community. For each child to reach their full potential, they need the strength of their families, school, and community to empower them. That’s why we’ve dedicated our PTA programs to enriching their elementary school experience.


From classroom presence and support to fun and community-building activities, our goal is for every family to feel heard and welcomed. We are always welcoming new voices and changemakers who share in our mission. Consider attending a PTA meeting or speaking with one of our board members about the many possible ways you can help make a difference. 

Founded in 1995, our non-profit organization has been in good standing with both the Washington State PTA and the National PTA. We are proud to be a part of a longstanding effort to bring community, school, and legislators together for a common goal: Help make each child's potential a reality. 

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