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Help Us Out

Helping Hands


Our PTA programs need volunteers to be successful. We rely on our school community throughout the year to do EVERYTHING we do. Without willing workers, we don't exist.

What does Volunteering look like?

Volunteer opportunities vary in size, required skill level, commitment, and availability.

Some of our current volunteers have been part of PTA for a long time; some are new and know nothing about PTA.

Some help when they can; others have a consistent responsibility.

Some help in the school; many do things on their own time behind the scenes.

Some are PTA members; others are not.

Everyone can help with something, small or big, and when that happens, we can make amazing things happen for (and with!) our Meredith Hill scholars. We would LOVE to have you join the team in whatever way works for you.


Click the button below to let us know you're interested and find out how you can help.

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