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Thanks for your interest in joining Meredith Hill PTA. One of our biggest goals this year is to have our PTA membership reflect the entire make-up of our school community, not just a few. We need many perspectives as we work to discover and advocate for the needs of our scholars, and you are an integral part of that. We are excited to partner with you during the upcoming school year.

Still have questions? Read on to find out what PTA does and why you may want to consider joining our crew.

10 Reasons to Join PTA

Joining the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) can be a valuable and rewarding experience for several reasons:

1. Advocacy for Your Child: PTA often plays a crucial role in advocating for policies, programs, and resources that benefit students. By joining, you can have a direct impact on decisions that affect your child's education.

2. Community Engagement: PTA provides an opportunity to connect with other parents, teachers, and school staff. Building a strong school community can lead to a more positive and supportive learning environment for your child.

3. Access to Information: PTA meetings and events often provide insights into school policies, curriculum changes, and educational trends. This information can help you better understand your child's educational experience.

Volunteer Opportunities: Many PTAs organize volunteer activities and fundraisers. Volunteering can be a great way to actively participate in your child's school life and make a difference.

Influence and Decision-Making: PTAs often have a say in how funds are allocated, what programs are implemented, and what initiatives are supported. Your input can shape the direction of the school.

6. Support for Teachers: PTAs can provide valuable support to teachers through resources, classroom supplies, and recognition of their hard work.

7. Skill Development: If you're interested in leadership roles or want to build skills in areas like organization, event planning, or fundraising, PTA involvement offers ample opportunities for personal growth.

8. Networking: PTA can be a great way to expand your social and professional network, as you connect with other parents and educators who share your commitment to education.

9. Voice in School Improvement: By being part of the PTA, you can voice your concerns, ideas, and suggestions for making your child's school a better place.

10. Positive Role Modeling: By actively participating in your child's school life, you set a positive example for your child, showing them the importance of education and community involvement.

Ultimately, joining the PTA is a way to have a meaningful impact on your child's education and the overall school community while connecting with other parents who share similar interests and concerns. It's an excellent way to be an engaged and informed parent.

What exactly does
the PTA do?

Meredith Hill PTA provides programs like:

  • Art lessons and art supplies in their classrooms through the Art Docent Program

  • Read and Lead Bookstore where scholars choose a free book to take home each month

  • Safety Patrol for school drop-off and pick up

  • Music program support and library support

  • Clubs and sports programs support

  • Classroom Enrichment Grants

  • Social events and fundraisers such as Restaurant Nights, Culture Festival, Movie Nights, and more

  • Staff Appreciation

  • Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) for male role model support on campus (not just for Dads!)

  • Meredith Hill Cares, a community resource for families in need

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