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Staff Appreciation

Showering our staff with gratitude

Staff Appreciation

Every year, the PTA showers our staff with tokens of appreciation, meals during confrence weeks, and kind messages to make sure they know how much they are respected and cherished. 

Organizing these events requires many helping hands! If you'd like to sign up to become a part of these efforts please click the link below or send us an email indicating your interest! We send out SignUp Genius forms leading up to these occurances, but can only send sign ups to email addresses we have! 

We celebrate the awsome people who keep our school working on the following dates: 

Principal's Apprication Month in October

Confrence weeks in November and May

October 2nd- Custodians and Grounds Keeper Appreciation Day

October 20th- School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

November 16th- Para-Educators Day

February 6th- School Counselor's Day

April 3rd- Assistance Principal's Day

April 23rd- Administrative Assistants' Day

May 1st-5th- Staff Apprecitaion Week

May 5th- School Lunch Hero Day

May 6th- School Nurse's Day

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