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Art Docent

Helping to bring art into the classroom!

Art Docent

Art is an essential part of learning. It helps young children develop fine motor skills, builds motivation to learn and develop new skills, and builds confidence. Self-expression through art helps scholars see and feel heard and shares a deeper understanding of culture and humanity. According to "research has shown impressive benefits of arts education on entire school culture—especially student motivation, attitudes, and attendance."

The PTA's Art Docent program supports volunteer-led art lessons in the classroom. Our art supplies are purchased with budgeted funds. Volunteers can easily locate an age appropriate lesson on-line, coordinate a day and time with their teacher, and pick up the supplies to take to the classroom. Scholars have thoroughly enjoyed participating in art projects in the past and are eager to get paintbrushes and glue sticks back in their hands! Reach out for more information about how you can bring art into any of our classrooms!

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